Kia India: Doubling Down On SUVs & Embracing EVs


Kia India, the Korean automaker that stormed onto the Indian scene with its stylish and feature-packed SUVs, is in no mood to slow down. In a recent interview, Managing Director & CEO Tae-Jin Park laid out Kia’s ambitious plans for the next three to four years, and SUVs are firmly at the center of the action.

While acknowledging the growing EV market, Park doesn’t see immediate dethronement of ICE vehicles. Kia, however, is embracing the EV wave and expects it to contribute 20% of their sales by 2030. They’re laying the groundwork with the EV6’s success and plan to bring in the flagship EV9 seven-seater e-SUV and, interestingly, an EV version of their locally made RV alongside the ICE version in 2025. This bold move shows Kia’s commitment to both catering to existing demand and creating new EV segments.

Kia understands that EV adoption hinges on charging infrastructure. They’re actively contributing to building this ecosystem, recognizing it as crucial for India’s EV transition. This proactive approach positions them as a leader in shaping the future of mobility in the country.

Park believes that ICE and EV vehicles will coexist for a decade or more. This pragmatic view showcases Kia’s commitment to catering to diverse customer preferences while strategically expanding their EV portfolio. This strategy ensures they stay relevant in both established and emerging markets.


Kia India’s vision is clear – SUVs as the growth engine, embracing EVs without neglecting ICE, and actively building the infrastructure for a smooth transition. With their ambitious plans, strategic launches, and focus on customer needs, Kia is poised to remain a force to be reckoned with in the Indian automobile market. The road ahead is paved with innovation and excitement, and Kia seems ready to lead the charge.

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