Experience Affordable Luxury: Kia Sonet on Road Price in Warangal and Karimnagar

Kia Sonet, the car which unites luxury and affordability!

Kia Sonet with stunning features, aesthetic design and powerful performance is a car from Kia that provides world class luxury at an affordable price. 

Kia Sonet, a perfect driving partner to conquer the Urban Jungle. The ease of driving, the comfort of travel and the overall experience of riding this car is simply magical.

Luxury has different meanings  for different people. If luxury is defined as comfort, ease and performance, then Kia Seltos delivers them all.

Let us understand Luxury as experienced in Kia Sonet.

The features inherited for greatness and luxury!

  1. Paddle Shifters adding Sportiness to your drive
  2. Drive Mode and Traction Control to enable you conquer every terrain with effortless drivability
  3. iMT – Intelligent Manual Transmission which allows you to enjoy a revolutionary clutchless manual transmission which is effortless, yet fun to drive
  4. Remote Engine Start for the convenience of engine start
  5. OTA Map Updates with latest map updates
  6. Kia connect controlled air purifier to fight Virus and Bacteria
  7. 6 Airbags protecting you from every corner
  8. Hill Assist Control which prevents wheel from rolling back during hill climb
  9. Front and Rear Parking Sensors to make parking simple
  10. Electronic Stability Control ensuring optimal breaking performance

The above features and its uses in the Kia Sonet makes it the luxurious choice. It is important to note that all the features mentioned above are given with only specified variants or trims.

The catch with Kia Sonet is the price that it offers all these features at. Let’s look at the on road price of the car and see how affordable it is.

The Talking Point – The price of Kia Sonet!

Kia Sonet on road price starts at Rs. 7.79 L and goes up to 14.69 L. The industry standard for a car with such features ranges between 12 to 18 L. It is quite obvious that Kia has struck a gold standard by offering Kia Sonet at a price as low as 7.79 L. 

After analyzing the price and the features, it is safe to declare that, Kia Sonet is a car that unites luxury and affordability.

Malik Kia’s insights on Kia Sonet!

At Malik Kia, Kia Sonet is one of the most desired and demanded cars for the same reason as stated above. 

To book your Kia Sonet or to know the Kia Sonet onroad price in Warangal and Karimnagar, contact us.