Kia Carens wins Indian Car of the Year – 2023​


Kia Carens – widely accepted by buyers and the industry experts!

One of the most talked about cars of the year, Kia Carens won the Indian Car of the Year 2023, making Kia’s third localized offering one of the most hyped and popular cars of the year. The primary reason for the award was Kia Carens’s ability to be accepted by the buyers and also make a mark in the minds of the industry experts.

The jury of this year’s edition had 18 journalists from the automobile sector. Making a positive mark in the minds of 18 expertsis by no means a small feat. The positioning of the car by Kia, the features offered by the car, the safety features, the price range,and the finish of the car are some of the key contributors, which made Kia Carens the Indian Car of the Year.

It was the first time in history when an MPV was awarded as the ICOTY. For Kia, 2023 has surely become one of the dreamed years as the brand as it was felicitated with two awards – ICOTY for Kia Carens and Green Car of the Year for Kia EV 6.

The connection with Kia Carens!


The performance of Kia Carens connected with the buyers in a short span of time. The driving experience, the features provided in the car, all blended perfectly, luring the buyers into buying it. Not only that, but the experts also felt that the performance of Kia Carens was unparalleled in comparison to its competitors.


Fuel efficiency is one of the main characteristics of Kia Carens that connected with the buyers. The mileage of the car proved to be one of the key factors influencing the buyers into the purchase.


 Kia Carens, thanks to advanced technology and extraordinary human skill, became one of the safest cars of India from Kia. The buyer’s first preference while purchasing the Kia Carens was the safety features that it had to offer.


Kia Carens also resonated with the buyers as one of the brands which perfectly suited the status, and owning one was a matter of pride.

After Sales:

The after-sales service gives customers a sense of satisfaction and with Kia the quality of the after-sales is top notch. This makes Kia the top competitor of the ICOTY.

Smart Features:

Kia Connect with its smart, secure, and futuristic features ensures seamless advanced connectivity and complete peace of mind.


The internal space provided by Kia Carens for an MPV is luxurious, to say the least.

These were a few of the key contributors for Kia Carens which helped to secure the no.1 spot in 2023.

The on-road price of Kia Carens ranges between Rs. 10.44 lacs to Rs. 18.44 lacs for its top variant. Thus making Kia Carens an options available for people across classes.



Kia’s entry to the Indian Market in 2017 was to attract as many young adults as possible. And Kia Carens made a big contribution in helping Kia achieve a part of this vision. Going forward, the innovations, the technology and the preferences of the buyers will play a crucial role in influencing the products from automobile sectors. It would be safe to say that Kia is ready on all fronts for the dynamic variables of the market requirements and emerge victorious.

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