Why is Malik Kia the best Kia Car Dealer in Telangana?

Best Kia car dealer in Telangana – Malik Kia

The vision of Kia in India!

Kia Motors entered India on 19th May 2017. On the same day, an announcement was made about the construction of a new 536-acre manufacturing facility in Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh.

As one of the surveys say, in India out of the 1.4 billion people, 65% of the population is youth. So, it is but evident that the automobile sector would be driven by the youth. To capture the youth and the young adults, Kia entered India with a vision to create a segment of cars, that would not only appeal to the market but also give them a sense of pride upon owning it.

The blueprint to achieve the vision was laid out perfectly, starting from the locations where the showrooms would be set up, the marketing strategy and all the other variables.

One of the key components in the blue print was to target tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Though targeting tier 1 cities was a no brainer, targeting tier 2 and tier 3 cities was the strategy that was out of the box for Kia.

Acting on the set blueprint, Kia collaborated with Malik’s, one of the renowned car dealers in Telangana and set up two showrooms in Karimnagar and Warangal. Within a short span of time, Malik Kia became one of the top most automobile showrooms in the entire state of Telangana.

Some of the major influencers which played a vital role in making Malik Kia. The best Kia dealers in Telangana :

    State of the Art Facility:

    The Kia showroom in Karimnagar and the Kia showroom in Warangal have deployed the best state of the art facilities. The fully automated showrooms, help to provide hassle free deliveries and services to the customers.

      Expert Team:

      Both the showrooms of Malik Kia in Karimnagar and Warangal have hired the best of the human resource to facilitate the customers and help them out in case of queries. The training given to the human resource is precise in terms of the brand and guidelines to be followed.

        Service Centers:

        Both the Kia showrooms in Karimnagar and in Warangal have service centers, providing world class after sale service. Malik Kia recognized service as the key performance indicator of their business and focuses heavily in giving the best service experience to its customers.

          The Value for Service:

          The value for service at the Malik Kia service center is second to none. At the service center, it is ensured that the car gets a long and smooth life and delivers peace of mind to the owner.


            Malik Kia showrooms at Karimnagar and Warangal also deliver high quality spare products.

              Insurance and Finance:

              One of the essential components that makes the Kia showroom in Warangal and in Karimnagar one of the best is that they provide the best of the insurance covers and the best of the financial deals to their customers.

                Social Media Marketing:

                One of the essential activities that both the showrooms of Malik Kia at Warangal and Karimnagar have undertaken is Social Media Marketing. All the information regarding new product launches, festive celebrations, new offers and schemes are well communicated to the target market via Instagram and Facebook.

                These are some of the main reasons which make both the showrooms of Malik Kia one of the best Kia dealers in Telangana. As we move forward, both the showrooms seem to be improving day by day on various aspects such as quick delivery of the car, reducing the booking time and many more and are on the positive track to become one of the best automobile showrooms in India.