So rare, you just can't resist
Sonet X Line
Colour: Intense Red
mg Matte Graphite

Sonet X Line

Kia Sonet X Line is a tantalizing combination of aesthetics making it a visual treat to the eyes. Its Awe-inspiring exterior makes sure that the roads envy you. It also raises the bar for Indian cars, catering to the expectations of the Indian market perfectly.

Kia Sonet X Line is one of the most looked out cars, thanks to its irresistible features. It is sure to rule the Indian streets for a long time. The X Line is built with three X Factors - Xclusivity, Xcitement and Xquisiteness, making it a wonder car! The motto to satisfy the customers is well catered by Kia Sonet X Line, thanks to its glorifying technology.

Meet the all-new Kia Sonet X-Line
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the key features of the Kia Sonet X-Line?

The key features of Kia Sonet X-Line are Matte Graphite Color, Crystal Cut Alloy Wheels and Splendid Sage Dual Tone.

What is the fuel efficiency of the Kia Sonet X-Line?

The fuel efficiency of Kia Sonet X-Line ranges between 18 KmpL to 19 KmpL .

What are the available engine options for the Kia Sonet X-Line?

The Kia Sonet X-Line has one petrol engine and one Diesel engine. 

What are the different trims available for the Kia Sonet X-Line?

Kia Sonet X-Line is the only trim.

How many airbags does the Kia Sonet X-Line offer?

There are 6 airbags available in the Kia Sonet X-Line